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I help brilliant Christian entrepreneurs like you ditch doubt and take confident action so you can create a business + life you love.

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Wife, Mama, Mindset Coach, and Daughter of the King. When I quit my 9-5 over a decade ago and decided to start my first business, I was paralyzed by fear and doubt. 

Even though I technically had everything I needed to start, I was holding myself back. But one pivotal moment changed everything for me. 

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I'm kayla

You feel paralyzed by fear, doubt, and perfectionism..

You struggle to make decisions + constantly second guess yourself.

You feel like time is passing you by and you are tired of playing small.

You've spent a lot of time+ money learning, but you aren't implementing what you've learned.

Create a business & life you love, even if...

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When we work together you shift your business & your life.

benefit #1 You'll become a powerful decision maker

Decisions are the building blocks of your life. Yet most of us lack confidence in decision-making because we've never been taught HOW. As an entrepreneur, you'll face tons of decisions. I'll teach you this powerful skill so that you can make decisions quickly + easily without regret.

benefit #2 You'll grow your faith

If God has called you and put a dream on your heart, He doesn't intend for you to do it alone. He wants to partner WITH you to fulfill His purpose for your life. You'll learn how to renew your mind by replacing your thoughts with God's thoughts and stepping out in faith.

benefit #3 You'll take confident action

You can be good at the planning and the learning parts, but you must take action. We will bust through the mind drama and distractions holding you back so that you can take focused action in your business and life to get the results you want.

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You create the mindset you need to bring the dream God has laid on your heart into fruition.

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You don't need another  marketing course.

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You need mindset coaching so that you can breakthrough what's holding you back and implement what you've already learned.
Imagine if you consistently made powerful decisions, stepped out in faith and took action in your business... what would be possible for you?

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